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Laundry in your phone | Door to Door Pickup and Delivery | dhobi.co

Yes, we do. On the first time, you will need to add required information for pickup and delivery. Then you just need to tap "Schedule Pickup" in app by selecting convenient date and time.

Currently our service is available in 23 Townships of Yangon. You can see and choose location when you order service for the first time in app.

Our laundry service has a 48 hours turnaround time. Your clothes are deliver back after cleaning withing 48 hours. You can make a schedule to deliver your clothes by asking the ebiker when he comes pickup laundry to your home. Our responsible biker will contact you when he comes to you for delivery of your cleaned clothes.

On the "My Orders" screen of app or website, you can check the process of your laundry status and also see the invoices you ordered.

Not necessarily. You can leave your laundry bag with someone you trust in your home and may write a "Pickup Note" attached in bag.

After our staff picked up your clothes, he will count and identify the types of clothes, and enter in the software system. As soon as this process finish, you will see the laundry service invoice that listed your clothes in qunatity and the order status will change to "Picked Up". You can check and confirm that your clothes are correctly collected by our staff. In case there is something wrong, incorrect quantity or any mistake you see, you can contact us via messenger or phone to check it again. You can also see the total charges, how much you would need to pay.